Kirk Casey has been Performing,  Composing, and Producing music most of his life. 

With over 400 works of  music registered with ASCAP,(As January 2019), Cue Sheets: 105. Series: 43 Episodes: 98  Non-Series: 7

Working for ELECTRONIC ARTS and MAXIS from 1996 to  2005. He has credits on over 19 SIMS games. Current sales exceed 175  million. 

Other Clients have include,,   ScoreKeepers Music. Marin film maker, Gary Yost,  ,Young & Restless, CSI Miami, "Season for Love", Hallmark,  Duck Dynasty, Killer Couples, Discovery Channel, Toyota, GMC Trucks,  NBA, Alamo Car Rental, One Music, Private Waves Music. ScoreKeepers,  American Idol Rewind-BG Cues, Nip Tuck, Americas Got Talent, Biography  Cues, Doctor 90210 Cues, I wanna Be a Soap Star, Jorden, Lounge  Lizard,"Proactive" and "Reclaim" commercials and many more. 

Production and Performance for many San Francisco and East Bay  bands and solo artists, as well as performing and  touring for the past 40 years.

Climate, 1,000 Lights, Dunkirk, Kirk Casey Band, Don Jeron and the Boogie Mon, Della Grant, Twinkle Bros, ISIKOJAM, Amandala Poets, Lorin Rowan, The Rowan Bros. Kenneth Nash. Rock Hendrix, Dick Bright, Ken Emerson.

For EA: Jerry Martin, Kenneth Nash, John Mader, Art Hirhira, Eddie Ramariz, Marc Russo, Tom Miller, Jason Wall, Larry Batiste, Jennie Tracy, Jim Pugh, Karl Perrazo, Glenn Letch, Celso Alberti, Tim Gorman, and too many more to mention here.

Working with Members of Santana, Sammy Hagar, Journey, Yellow Jackets, Robin Ford, Steve Miller and Many more.

Currently, Kirk is Composing and Producing music For Film and Television.

Contact me directly  about your next project!

Also Producing , Composing  and Performing with Lorin Rowan for Film and Television and their band Deep Blue Jam.

Marin Community Foundation ID/branding (final release)

Marin Community Foundation ID/branding (final release)


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